Front Loft

Foldable platform, suspended over the front seats, giving you additional space to sleep, hangout or use as a shelf.

Store it in the dinette seat of your 2021 or 2022 REVEL when not in use.

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Out of the Way

When the REVEL Front Loft is set up, it won't be in your way.

You’re basically increasing the floorspace of your van, taking your REVEL experience to another level.


With the REVEL Front Loft you have a comfy place to find some sweet dreams.

Stuck Inside?

The outdoors are fun... until it rains. Use the REVEL Front Loft to hang out while stuck inside.

With its weight capactiy of 170 lbs you can have quite the party up there!

How Cool is That?

When not used, the REVEL Front Loft folds up and stores under the bench seat... out of sight, out of mind.

Just don't forget where you put it!

(Sorry, but the 2020 REVEL dinette seat won't allow this option)

Big or Small

If you don't need all that extra space the REVEL Front Loft can provide, you can set it up only partially. Chill in the passenger seat and still enjoy that you have extra space to put stuff. What stuff? All that stuff you have when you're out on your adventures.

Added Benefits

Winnebago tells you to remove the felt covered panel in the dinette seat to check the glycol tank. We also ask you to remove this panel and instead install the custom tray that we provide. Now you can store the REVEL Front Loft, have easy access to the glycol tank and yes, the countertop extension also still has a home in there.

(You guessed it right, this also doesn't apply to the 2020 REVEL)

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The REVEL Front Loft is Patent Pending.


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